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Monday, May 27, 2013

Different Kind of Project for My Exploring Cricut Day

Hello, again.  Sometimes I get a little quirky and this has been one of those times.  I love it.  For months I've been telling my doctor's receptionist that I was going to make something out of all those appointment reminder cards I've accumulated.  Guess what!  During the last few weeks when I wasn't exactly up and running I, instead, sat and played.
One day I sat and used the Tim Holtz technique of rubbing distress ink pads on a craft mat, spraying it with water, then sliding the paper through the wet inks. (Tim's blog has videos if  you are not familiar with it.)  These wonderful colors are the result.  I decided to make each card a little inspiration - word, quote, etc., and to decorate them with whatever I could find - stickers, glitter, cricut cuts, stamps. Yahoo!  There are SO-O-O-O many cricut cuts that come out so cute when done at one or one-and-a-fourth inch.
Jhere's some close-ups of some of the cricut cuts used.

Bottom center "enjoy" (Graphically Speaking)- The front of the card is the title I gave my pack - Mini Meditations.  The back tells me to enjoy them

Left "thanks thanks thanks" (I don't remember which cart- these were lying in my box of extras/and errors) The front of the card is a favorite e.e.cummings quote "I thank God for most this amazing day ..." and on the back, many "thanks".

Top center On the front I have a stamped quote "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. - Picasso" so on the back I made one inch letters with the Art Deco alphabet to say "CREATE"

"Believe" - this and the star were cut from the Tinker Bell and Friends cart.  On the back I used a stamp that says "You are the Magician.  You have the Hocus Pocus."  With it, I cut out a one inch cauldron from Paper Doll Dress Up and have red glitter bubbles coming up, out of it.

"enjoy life" (Graphically Speaking) and a curlycue from Picturesque, cut to curl off both edges are on the front.  On the back I have the quote "Life is what we make it; always was, always will be. - Grandma Moses" with some stickers to decorate.

On some others I have tiny butterflies from the Picturesque cart.  I have a teeny Tinkerbell silhouette with a Walt Disney quote: "It's fun to do the impossible."  After this bad med interaction I had, my doctor said "Pharmaceuticals are wonderful - if they don't kill you."  I'm going to put a little skull and crossbones from Paper Doll Dress Up with that one.

If you haven't caught on yet -I AM HAVING FUN DOING THIS.  Ten of 29 are done, 5 or so are in progress, and since I have another doctor's visit tomorrow, I'll have a couple more cards to paint and add to the mix. I think this will be in progress a long time.

Thanks for putting up with all the verbage.  Keep checking it with Exploring Cricut for daily inspiration and find some fun challenges.
Have a great day and have fun with whatever you are crafting.
Rae Ann


  1. LOVE this!!!! What a great idea to create! Love the ee cummings quote too. :)

  2. How fun! I love all your quotes and your fabulous idea on how to use them.

  3. You did such a wonderful job. I love looking over and over because each time I see a new detail. Love the inking too. Awesome.

  4. These are awesome Rae Ann!!! Great idea. I so love the quotes that you shared. :)