You are invited to share with me the Joy there is in creating Art. I mean the "I can do it" and "it's fun" and "it's beautiful" kind of art, whether it is "museum quality" or not. Here you will find some of what I like to do and, I hope, share some of your joy, too.

Welcome to my blog, Rae Ann.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

When the weather is bad - make inchies!

Tomorrow is April 1 and they are predicting snow.  It looks like I'll have a day to make more inchies.  Here are my recent additions:
Every Inchie Monday - Winged

These are for a swap - technique of choice
I really enjoy layered collage.

Swap theme - Birds (obviously)

Swap theme - Torn Paper
Here's my trio of pairs, again.

I did these just for fun using heat embossing
and watercolors.

I think this catches me up for now.  Some
ideas are floating around to play with later.
Think spring!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Here I Go Again

Wow! I've done a lot since I last posted.  It was a lot of fun, too.  Here are the fruits of my efforts.

This inchie is for a swap - technique of my choice - Watercolors

I had fun doodling during a TV show with this one.

What if there were a mermaid theme?

The theme for this swap is Africa.  I like to create similar pairs
with different aspects of the same theme.
Every Inchie Monday - Rhythm

A swap theme - Circles

Just for fun - Ladies

Another swap theme - Orange

This swap theme was for technique of choice.  I used
heat embossing with watercolors.

This swap theme is Vintage.

This swap theme is Food.  I decided to depict 2 meals,
before and after, in my six inchies.

As you can see I've been busy.  Being creative keeps me alive and happy and this is certainly doing that. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This Weekend's Results

I've been working on more of my swap themes.  Here are some of them:
This completes the seashell set.
One theme was 'select your own theme.'
I came up with 'funky hearts.'

Every Inchie Monday for this week is "Endless."
This is a Mobius Strip.  In math it is described as a shape without an end point.

After some better photos there will be more to follow.  Have a great day.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Been Inchie-ing

I love being given a swap theme.  It challenges me artistically to do something I might not have thought to do on an inchie.  Here are some of the 'inchies-for-swaps' I've been working on.
Theme: Squares
Theme: Butterflies
Theme: Zentangles
Theme: Zetti Style

I also did these sets of 3 (although I will do 3 more seashells for a swap).
First half of a set of six seashells.
Theme: Dog

I have more time on the weekend so I'll be working on some more.  As always, I find Joy in Art and that gives me energy to keep on going.  I hope you have time to find your joy, too.

Monday, March 7, 2011

What If I ..........

The weekends are great times for me to play with inchies.  I decided to see what I could do with Inkadinkado Inchie stamps.

In these sets I wanted to do one picture with various colors.

I couldn't sit still so I grabbed some paper and doodled.

As always, I had fun expermenting.  These contrast colored pencil with markers.

Make this week a fun week.  I plan to.

Every Inchie Monday - Dance

I made 2 versions of a 'dance' inchie.  In one, the threads make an illusion of motion; in the other, the wavy lines do.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This Woman Intrigues Me

I found these images of Mata Hari in some free emphera so I decided to create these in honor of her.  The mystery about her catches my attention.

In the Inchie Mood

I've joined the Group Inchies-onexone and I'm excited about joining in swaps and lotteries and exchanging inchies with other people.  I can't sit in front of the TV without pulling out my art tray table, even if I'm only cutting out cardboard squares.  Last night, however, the creative juices were flowing.  I made these 6 purple inchies from stamps I have:

I also started on a set of 4 in an Easter theme and I'm enjoying how the 3D elements are working out.  This is fun!