You are invited to share with me the Joy there is in creating Art. I mean the "I can do it" and "it's fun" and "it's beautiful" kind of art, whether it is "museum quality" or not. Here you will find some of what I like to do and, I hope, share some of your joy, too.

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Friday, March 23, 2018

Something New

I haven't given up on cardmaking but I want to share the fun I'm having while trying mixed media.

When I was surfing pinterest I came across videos by Dina Wakley on drawing and painting faces.  I tried her tips and have been quite pleased with the results (since I couldn't do faces at all).  This led me to art journaling and mixed media videos.  I've always admired the way they look but didn't know how to find the freedom to create them.  Dina and Maremi's SmallArt have been inspirational and now I'VE CREATED MY FIRST MIXED MEDIA ART JOURNAL PAGE!  Hurray!
Here it is.
I painted, I stenciled, I highlighted, I drew, I stamped, I stickered---I had a ball!

The stickers say: and so the adventure begins, remember to play, and creativity takes courage.

I'm quite happy with it.  I had fun doing it, and I know I'll be experimenting and doing more.

Thanks for letting me share.  I hope to connect with you again soon.
Have a great day.
Rae Ann

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