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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just For Me - A Kitty Squash Book

Hi!  Back in November I lost my cat, Mikey, whom I had for 15 years.  My doctor told me his son had 2 rescued cats available for adoption.  This was perfect; I didn't want to start all over with a kitten.  I agreed to take a male.  His name was butterscotch.  I quickly learned that he is "a talker" so I re-named him with something to reflect that.  I call him DJ ( like the old talkative dj's of the 50's and 60's).  We get along wonderfully and he likes to rub and cuddle.  He sleeps when I'm working because he knows he won't get attention then.  Here's my kitty brag book.

I can't get pictures of him in motion; he's too quick.  It took a long time to get pictures of him sleeping because he would jump up as soon as I moved to get the camera.  I waited a long time to get the one of him in his most relaxed position, belly-up and sprawled out.  Decorative accents come from the Cricut Lite Meow cartridge.  The cover of the squash book is 4x4, the inside sections are 3x3.

Happy creating.
Rae Ann
I'm glad I made this little squash book for me.


  1. Sorry to hear about your cat, but I'm glad you have DJ now. :) Your brag book turned out great!! Stopping by to invite you to visit Link Up for Pink's new home: www.linkupforpink We are celebrating with several giveaways. :) (I also have a giveaway on my blog)

  2. Just got home from school and have to head back for OPen House tonight. You left a comment about winning. Help me out please...where? I wish I had more time to hop everywhere, but this week is SUPER busy. I have a technology meeting tomorrow night, then a late parent conference on Thursday, etc. I am sure you really don't want to know! : )

    Cute kitty book. Glad you found a new friend!

    Carson's Creations
    coachfans at cox dot net

  3. Rae Ann, thanks so much for stopping by to see my tutorial -- I appreciate your time and kind comment :) I hope you'll get a chance to try making some Wiggle Wires -- I'd love to see you enter the challenge!! :)

    This Kitty book is PRECIOUS!! I have plenty of blurry pics of my kitties -- I too have not mastered catching them in motion!! :) My daughter and I used to have one of these little albums attached to a key ring -- seems like it might be time to try one again!! Thanks for the inspiration!! :)

    Amy :) at