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Monday, May 9, 2011

Busy with Inchies!

I've done a lot more inchies than I've posted recently.  I like to share some of them.

Every Inchie Monday - Pink
The background is made with a soft rose ink pad so it's not a "pinky" pink.
One of my upcoming swaps calls for inchie envelopes:

These were fun to make.

I've also been playing with shades of one color by layering shading and stamping.  Here are red, brown, pink, and blue.

I tried a new technique which I found at Go Make Something.  It's Iris pattern #1; I made it into a twinchie.

With the scraps from this I made backgrounds for these:

That's all for today, although I have even more that I haven't posted.  Have a great day.

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