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Monday, April 4, 2011

A New Week - New Inchies

The snow never came (thank goodness) but a lot of rain did.  It is April after all.

For this Every Inchie Monday the theme is 'sing' and the image I thought of right away was 'singing in the rain' so I found the perfect image online.

Every Inchie Monday - Sing
For this swap the challenge is to use only newspaper.
I cut out the black section of a big page add to make
the fan elements.

This swap theme is 'blue' so I dug through my
stamps again.

The actual swapping is getting closer.  I can't wait to enjoy the creative efforts of others in my group.

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  1. I love Gene Kelly and singing in the rain...we had one hell of a storm about an hour ago with an inch of rain flooding the streets. Great job! Mary Helen